Sunny Day in Düsseldorf-Getting inspired with Vogue,Instagram &Pinterest

Until now I had a great day!
Since I was until now in the city, I couldn't take any Outfit pictures for you but I got some more from my very inspiring morning with Vogue and my MacBook :)
I am checking out more and more how to decorate our new Store.
Instagram and Pinterest help a lot, while I do that. Oooooh, how I love them!!! :)
Most of the time I search for interior, interior design or decoration. Then I get the best ideas on how the Store will look. So excited! Soon we will open...
Of course I was wearing my new Carrera sunglasses today, when I went to the city. It was sunny!!
Further I searched for a great location, for our new Store and it was really nice. I had a great lunch break at Hüftgold Düsseldorf, where they bake the best cake ;)
Todays Outfit: Denim: Hollister, Biker Boots, Bag: K Fashion Clothing, Grey Teddy Knit: K Fashion Clothing
I wish you a lovely day, Lovelies!