Coming-Home-Surprise: My new Carrera Sunglasses

Giiiiiirls and Guys,
I am back home in good old Düsseldorf.
We just arrived and I was so happy to see a new present, which I received from the Andrea Leitner PR agency. Next to other really big brands like Céline, Dior, Replay and so on, they are responsible for Carrera. Since they know, that I love their sunglasses, they sent me one.Yippiiiie :)
It is a new leo model. I love it!
Tomorrow you will see and get to know more about these fantastic sunglasses ;)
As well I received an invitation for the presentation of "out of the box", a festival for shoes and accessories in Düsseldorf on the GDS. Could be interesting, since it is about shoes. Isn't everything about shoes? ;)
The trip back home was pretty quick. No traffic jam, fortunately. While my boyfriend took me back home, I could get some great inspiration, on how my new Store in Düsseldorf could look like.
Today I show you my newest ideas on how to decorate the Store.
I will keep the Store in white and pastel colors. For sure, I am going to make a Vogue cover wall and for the rest, just follow my blog and you will see, how everything develops :)
I stay until wednesday in Düsseldorf for some appointments. Tomorrow I will look for some more locations, where I could open the shop.
Now I am a little bit tired and I will sleep soon.
I wish you a lovely sunday evening…



Source: Pinterest/ Store Inspiration

Source: Pinterest/Vogue