Springish-Winter-Outfit today

Hey Lovelies,
today I got a new Outfit for you.
I wanted to dress springish and in light colors. This is what I did but it is still reeeeaaally cold in Holland. A good reason to still wear nice winter coats.
I am wearing light washed LTB jeans combined with my favorite Vintage sneakers from Super Slam. 
Cuffing the jeans gives a cool little detail to the Outfit. The Super Slims are really comfy. 
I wear them in spring/summer but as well in fall.
My baby blue, soft knit is from D.Strezzed http://www.dstrezzed.com. Actually it is for guys but I love to wear it as a Oversize-Knit.
The Vintage Fur Jacket is from our Online Shop and it is still available.
Tomorrow we got a day off and then starts the trip to Austria.
On our way there we pick up some presents, which I receive from a PR Agency in Munich.
Excited about this package and about what will be in there. For sure I will let you know first :)