Liu Jo and me

Today is happy sunday. 
When this post goes online, we will be in Amsterdam :)
I am wearing my new Liu Jo Denim in dark blue from the new Liu Jo Bottom-up Collection.
There are lots of nice details about this denim but the most fantastic is, that there are two pieces of latex fabric, which lift up your bud.
I have never seen a detail like this on a Denim and I have to tell you, it works ;)
The washing is a bit lighter on the thighs than the rest of the denim and this gives quite a nice effect.
It feels really comfortable, since there is stretch in the Denim and I think every girl needs some stretch in her Denim to move and go crazy.
I love to combine it like on the photos, with High Heels but as well with flat shoes or with Biker Boots.
There is room for lots of variety.
My sunglasses are from Ray Ban and my fuzzy knit is from our Store.