Do we like Bangs?

Here is what I love about going to the hairdresser: 

1. You can be absolutely free and creative about your hair. 
2. You got time to read the best fashion and gossip magazines and especially VOGUE
3. You can write blogposts during you sit and wait, that your hair gets great

But the best of the best is point four:

4. You get the most amazing head-massage :)

So yesterday it was time. 
After, it feels like years, I went to my hairdresser in Düsseldorf. The first time I went there 5 years ago after a hair experiment on a beauty fair, which didn't really give the result, that I would have liked to see AND I never left again.
It doesn't matter, if I live hours away, I will never leave Authentic by Klaus Fries :)
He does as well the hair, of lots of celebrities, like Katja Flint, Babtiste Giabiconi,Victoria Swarovski and Franziska Knuppe.
They use Aveda products, which I like a lot. Great smell, great ingredients. My favorite is the Damage Remedy Shampoo.

This time I decided to try something new, BANGS.
I was already thinking about it for a long time and this time I did.
Do we like bangs?
My feelings stagger between really cool and I also liked my old hair cut :)
But for sure it is something new.
I wish you a great weekend.



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