Business Preparations…Sex and the City Quote helps me to survive

I am going to tell you something: 
It is not the funniest thing on earth to write a Business Plan and with this I especially mean the financial part :)
Tomorrow I am going to travel to Düsseldorf and then I got an appointment with the Bank. 
We will decide on how to go further with the Boutique in Düsseldorf.
But I know for 100 % that all this hard work is worth it, if in a few months there will be my first own Boutique in Düsseldorf.
So today I am actually just sitting at the desk.
I will post a new Outfit tomorrow.
Next to this I am sooooo happy, that I got my lovely boyfriend, who is helping me a lot, with the Plan and as well with everything else. He is amazing!
So I found the greatest quote for me, my personal and business situation and for sure for you.
For all the strong women in this world how will find or got already the man, that just matches.
It is from one of my favorite series, Sex and the City and how said it? Of course, our lovely Carrie, alias Sarah Jessica Parker :)
I wish you a great day!

Sex and the City Quote K Fashion Clothing