Fortune Cookie = Luck for tomorrow

I am finding myself today in Düsseldorf in a workshop for the Business Plan.
Tomorrow I got the appointment with the bank. 
I had to laugh so hard! I got a present today. It was a Chinese fortune cookie and you know of course that there is always a quote inside.  
And here it comes: 
"Die Bank wird sich zu Ihren Gunsten irren"
And this means, that will bank will give me more money, than I want :) So funny!!!
But enough about Business Plans.
I am going to show you a nice Outfit, which I was wearing some time ago and which I really love.
I was wearing it during a photo shoot for a photographer in Düsseldorf.
My denim is from Guess and the knit from H&M. My shoes are from Zara.
The times when I still had really nice, light blonde hair ;)
Tomorrow I see the hairdresser again! Yeah!

K Fashion Clothing Outfit