Romantic Sleigh Ride joined by Zwarte Coffee

Hey Girls and Guys,
2 days without internet connection ;)
Personally I can say, that I experienced the most romantic thing ever yesterday. Like Carrie & Aleksandr Petrovsky in Sex and the City, I surprised Mike with taking a sleigh ride through the forest of Leogang.
It began right before the moon reached its highest point in the evening sky. 
Since it snowed a lot in the last days, there was so much snow, that it was really light in the forest, even if it was dark :) It was amazing.
We went to a little "Hütte" up in the mountains and enjoyed a delicious dinner together. 
Since it was very cold, I was wearing my favorite scarf. It is from a new Dutch brand called Zwarte Coffee. The scarf is colored dark blue, hand knitted and it's cosy and warm. I love to support this brand. The designer is a friend of Mike and me and started Zwarte Coffee some time ago. The brand actually stands for unique shirts. Some of them are numbered. 100 of them go in production and these are the only 100 shirts of one print then. We sell them as well in our Store in Eindhoven.
Right now I am laying in my bed, relaxing and enjoying the sun, which is shining  through the window. Today was another great snowboarding day!
On the pictures I am wearing the scarf from Zwarte Coffee, a long, black coat with a big collar from Zara, black, coded pants from Zara and black EMU boots.
I wish all of you a nice evening.