Diesel & Fancy Farmers Showroom Amsterdam. Buying for our dutch Store.

I wish I would have been with the guys in Amsterdam yesterday.
As I told you, they went for buying for our store in Eindhoven.
I was working from home but they sent me some really nice pics from the girls and guys collection and from the new showroom from Diesel. They told me, that it was quite an impressive building and new collection.
We will get Diesel now as well for girls!! Yeaaah. I am happy with that. 
I love their denims but what I love the most and what I think is soooo special, are their Jogg Jeans.
When I first heard these words, I had no idea at all, what to imagine but you will not believe what you see.
It is a jogging pants, which looks like a denim.
They got it in all different kinds of colors for men and women.
How funny is that? You go to your work, wear your jogging pants and nobody gets it!
Next to the Jogg Denim, there was some nice other pieces, which we will get in store but the denim is the best.
I added some nice pictures from the Fancy Farmers Showroom for you. They sell special brands, which use organic materials :)