Sunny Sunday...

Sunny sunday and I love it.
Today we had a relaxed day. 
We went to Dordrecht, which is a city near by our apartment.
We went to the harbor. It is a really authentic area and there is a lot to see. Small, old houses and huge boats. Lovely!
Since it was great weather, we ate the best cake ever outside at a café.
I was wearing my light washed and damaged denim from Hollister and combined it with one of my favorite, fair produced tops in pink from Alternative Apparel. My yellow blazer is from Zara
My shoes are from Converse. As an accessory, I wore my miu miu bag.
Now I am glad to be in our warm home again. On the way back,we went with the bike,it was freezing cold :)
I wish you a nice evening, lovelies