Happy news! We will be in EXPRESS newspaper. My outfit with these news:happy & light colored

Another nice day in Eindhoven :)
Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I will leave to Düsseldorf and do some things for our new store in Düsseldorf. On my way there I directly bring some clothing to our new home. So coooool :)
Yesterday I sent our press release for the store opening and what should I tell you, today we got the first call from EXPRESS print newspaper. They will write an article about "La Parisienne", which is our new store, about my blog and about Mike and me :)
I am super excited about that. For sure I will post the article here, as soon as I get it.
Today I was again in the mood to wear something light and nice.
My green denim is from Mustang and my white, long top is from Catwalk Junkie.
I wish you a great day, lovelies…