2 reasons to be happy today: 1st: All store interior arrived. 2nd: Igot a Hunkemöller present...

All the interior for the new store in Düsseldorf arrived now and as well our stickers for the shopping bags. At the moment I am in Eindhoven. The next days I am going to be a lot in Düsseldorf. In my hometown :))
Today I got some nice pictures for you from some nice stuff, that I bought for "La Parisienne", our new store, which opens upcoming may…One of the things which I bought for decoration for the store, is a great book. It is about the worlds best stylists but what I was the happiest about was the pink phone, that I ordered. So cool!
Crazy weather today. First rain and now there comes the sun 
Impressionen Damenmode 728x90 And what I got to let you know about is the following…This morning I stepped out of the shower and guess, what was laying on the floor…A super nice present from my super nice boyfriend!!
New black dessous from Hunkemöller and he bought excactly the right size. Yeeeeeah! Love it!
All photos, which you see in this blogpost are from my Instagram