Day in Amsterdam

It was a cold but super nice day yesterday in Amsterdam. 
We went with the three of us to the Rijksmuseum and it was stunning. Next to famous dutch painters, like Rembrandt, I found as well some fashion pieces from a veeeeery long time ago :)
Coming to Amsterdam is always special. I could get some really nice new ideas for our store opening this year. There were lots of colors and new trends to see. A good day for inspiration!
In the evening we went to our favorite bar and restaurant in Amsterdam, called Cafe Vrijdag. 
A friend of my boyfriend goes to Asia and celebrated his going-away-party there. 
I was wearing dark denim and my beloved heels from Zara. My jacket is from ICHI and my scarf from Cottonfield.
Since it was a long walking day, I was very glad to have my chucks with me ;)
A great day for all of you!!









Source:www.volkshotel.nl/ Cafe Vrijdag