Boutique Opening in May now official-Family & Friends time at the Kö-Bogen

Good Morning lovelies!
Yesterday I wasn't able to post something but here I come with greaaat news for you.
I had a talk about our upcoming K Fashion Clothing Store/Boutique in Düsseldorf yesterday and now it is official:
We will open our doors beginning or mid of May this year. 
I don't know yet about the exact date but it will for sure be a friday or saturday and we plan a big opening party with everything, which a fashion-heart can wish for.
I am so excited about these news. So freaking happy!!
My last two days I spent in Düsseldorf and I had a great time meeting my friends and my family!
We went for breakfast at the new Kö-Bogen Düsseldorf in a cute and really famous restaurant in Düsseldorf called Pocchino. 
The Kö Bogen has two big buildings, with a huge new Breuninger
So my focus was to see the shoe department and I can tell you: It is quite amazing.
My favorites were Ballerinas from Salvatore Ferragamo for spring and summer but as well I found some great Heels from Jimmy Choo in sparkling silver. LOVE!
I took some other pictures of my favorite shoes there for you
Afterwards we took a little walk in the park, from where you got a great view on the new buildings.
Have a great weekend!