Berlin,Berlin-We are going to BERLIN

On monday we leave Rotterdam to go to one of my favorite cities, which is Berlin.
It is going to be a lot of fun, such as: Meeting brands, going out for dinner & party!
Today I would like to show you my Berlin-Survival-Make-up-and-Outfit package.
My focus will be on black outfits.
So, as I showed you 2 days ago, I take my favorite black, fake leather skirt.
I am going to wear it with a pair of black tights and biker boots or black heels from Zara.
Another outfit will be a black dress from our store, combined with a white fake-fur vest. 

And for sure I have to take some Make-up with me.
What I got always with me, is my Concealer from Clinique, which helps great against dark circles around the eyes after a party night.
Always with me I take my Lancôme Mascara.
For some extra glamour I will use a highlighter from Yves Saint Laurent in white and rose.
For my lips I use a Kiehl's lipgloss during the day and my Yves Saint Laurent, red lipgloss at night.
So looking forward...
You will receive the next post from Berlin ;)
With love, Alina

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